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Photo by Keiko Stusnick,  ©2017

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Charles B. (Texas)

Maine, 2016

Well, I'm finally home, rested, and have gone through all my images from the wonderful adventure I had in Maine with you Mike.  Your personalized attention to ensuring that I got to see everything "on the list", and even more, made this a trip I will long remember and share with family and friends.  I can't thank you enough for the hours we spent together.


Bryon R. and Max T. (Kansas)

Kansas Orchid Society Tour, Costa Rica, 2015

I think everyone, including me, had a great trip to Costa Rica. I think everyone thought that Wilson Botanical Gardens was the highlight of the trip. I would recommend you and your tour to anyone. I finally got all of my photos labeled.  Now I have to put together a power point for our society meeting in October. If you need a reference for a group that has any questions, have them call me. Thinking about our next orchid society trip.


Donna N. (Kansas)

Kansas Orchid Society Tour, Costa Rica, 2015

It was a great trip and it met all of my expectations. It still seems like a blur. It was great going on the off-season. One thing - if we could have found locally made crafts. My favorite part of the trip was walking the trails, of course finding orchids in their natural state, and birds. I enjoyed the food. Your positive attitude and knowledge made it a great adventure.


Elisabeth and Richard, V (Kansas)

Kansas Orchid Society Tour, Costa Rica, 2015

We enjoyed the trip, getting back to some areas we had been before, San Gerardo, and some new to us as well, Wilson Botanical Garden and Manuel Antonio. It was good to get to the 3 elevations to see different plants. Probably Wilson Botanical Garden was the high point of the trip, both the Garden itself and the trip into the bush.


Gary L. (Texas)

Costa Rica, 2015

I recently returned from the "Off the Beaten Path" tour of Costa Rica. We certainly did go off the beaten path and saw many sites that aren't on a normal tour. Sasha is a great photographer and an instructor who is patient and teaches tour participants of all skill levels. The most obvious thing that one sees is that Sasha has been to all the places that were on the itinerary, numerous times, and knows exactly where and how to get the shots that we wanted. This was a fun and interesting trip and I returned with a couple thousand images that I'll enjoy reviewing. I intend to go on more of Sasha's tours!


Keiko and Joe S. (Maryland)

Costa Rica, 2015

Off the Beaten Path" tour's start early in the rainy season allowed us to discover and photograph a vibrant Costa Rica teeming with the wonders of nature - without the crowds.  Traveling with Sasha is extremely relaxing and at the same time stimulating and invigorating. Sasha is much more than a tour leader; he is a photographer, a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a naturalist whose enthusiasm for discovering is infectious - a Renaissance man.  The next opportunity to travel with Sasha won't come soon enough!


Victoria M. (Virginia)

Maine, 2015

I would highly recommend the Lighthouses and Harbors of Maine Photography Tour to anyone who would like to visit and photograph the less traveled parts of Maine and who would like to learn some valuable techniques from a photography master such as Mike Kane. My only suggestion is that the tour should include at least one full day on Monhegan Island (instead of 5 hours). This unique place offers such a rich set of photographic opportunities and unforgettable experiences that I felt I wanted to stay there much longer. I would also like to thank Sasha Vasiljev, one of the tour organizers, for planning this memorable tour and for his prompt and courteous responses to my questions. Thank you!


Keiko and Joe S. (Maryland)

Nepal, 2014

Our Nepal trip with Sasha in September '14 was beyond our expectations.  We usually take individual trips, so far many countries in Europe, Peru, Turkey, Ecuador, etc and now Nepal.  We learned about Sasha's photography tour in Nepal from his friend in Zuleta, Ecuador. Even though Sasha's travel company is rather small, it perfectly fit with our interest since we got inclined to photography. Sasha showed us abundant photographic tips wherever chances hit. I sometimes couldn't help disappearing for shopping. You cannot resist it if you are in Kathmandu. We loved such a flexible time. So our 10 days did pass quickly. We extended our trip 3 more days. Sasha and his Kathmandu crew arranged everything perfectly from start to finish, including the extra 3 days for us. I have now DSLR that Sasha and my husband chose for me, and we are planning another trip with Sasha for his photography workshop. BTW, Nepal is a wonderful country, Hindus and Buddhists mecca, peacefully mingled. People are very kind, generous and sociable regardless of their status. I love Nepal and its people!


Alison and Hans R. (Massachusetts)

Costa Rica, 2013

What a wonderful week we had! It was exhausting and exhilarating. Always a good sign when we leave reluctantly, wanting to come back. Thanks to your help, I think I have finally understood how to use depth of field, how it can change the effect of an image. Here at home, seeing the difference between my photos and yours of the same subject, I see what you did differently to achieve such a different look, and I think next time... (Of course, your skill and eye -- and your equipment -- have something to do with it.)


Anyway, we both hope there will be a next time, because our trip with you and Mainor was 100% enjoyable. The only changes I would make would be a little more emphasis in the travel advice on how cold it will be in the mountains. I liked all the hotels, although the one at the beach could have used more grab bars. The food was delicious, and your knowledge and instruction, and Mainor's, in your fields of expertise, were excellent. It was very fun!


Rita L. (Maryland)

Costa Rica, 2013

I want to thank you once more for a great trip. Not only did you made sure I was well taken care of and saw beautiful Costa Rica through your eyes, but you also taught me to become a better photographer.


Melinda B. (Washington , DC)

Ecuador, 2012

We LOVED our trip to Ecuador with Nature Photography Tours! Sasha took my sons, husband and I to the most interesting, beautiful and natural settings, which honestly rivaled Hawaii. We photographed exotic birds, orchids, waterfalls, exquisite landscapes and natives to name a few. Sasha is not only an excellent and patient photography coach, but knows the names of all the orchids and birds we saw!! The trips logistics came off without a hitch, and we are now looking forward to the Nepal trip.


Esther F., (Virginia)

Ecuador, 2012

Traveling on my own, I was relieved that Nature Photography Tour's staff was so conscientious in how well organized the trip was. Everything from the choice of hotels, sites and photography instruction was just what I was hoping. The pacing of the trip was just enough without being overwhelming. Sasha did a great job of leading the group on a very satisfying and memorable trip. I would highly recommend your company.


Maggie and Jack H. (California)

Ecuador, 2012

This was our first trip to South America and we felt in good hands with your knowledge of the region and your expertise in photography. Jack took great pictures on this trip and I think many of your tips and recommendations help that. We are both looking forward to traveling with you again.


Emma and Rob B. (Florida)

Ecuador, 2012

It was a terrific trip. The places we visited were amazing and I already miss being there. Sasha, thank you for your instruction, I will always remember to keep my eye on the shutter speed! Best to you and your company from two very satisfied customers.

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